Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy April Vacation

Thank you for being such supportive parents!  I was so impressed with the kids this week!  Enjoy your break!

Here's the link to the Ted Talks...

Important Dates Coming Up

Wellness Walk: May 10th at 1:30
Early Release: Wednesday, May 17th
Boston Field Trip: Thursday, May 25th
CMS visits SMS: Thursday, June 1st

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week of April 10-14

Hello 5D Families!

Thank you to all of you for coming in and taking time to talk about your child.  I appreciate all the support you've given all throughout the year.  I have a feeling that these next two months are going to fly!

Next Thursday, April 20th at 2 pm, the fifth graders will sing some songs they've learned with Jeff Warner in the Library.  Please come and join us!

Next Wednesday and Thursday the students will present their Ted Talks.  Ten students will go each day.  These will start at 10:15 and only run until about 11:15.  IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR A DAY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!

SAVE THE DATE!  Thursday, May 25th is our Boston Field Trip! More information will be coming home after vacation.  I'll be able to take two parents on the bus and those parents will definitely be able to go to the Boston Tea Party Museum.

Here's what we've been working on this week.


  • Volume of regular and irregular shapes
  • How many cubes to fill a prism
  • Volume with fractional lengths
  • Quick volume check
  • Structure of a Ted Talk
  • Students filled in a structure with their major ideas
  • Students then wrote long and strong from their notes and also added in presentation moves
Reading Buddies
  • the fifth graders are helping their buddies begin their very own research project
Jeff Warner

  • The students have had Jeff Warner most afternoons
  • On Friday, Jeff worked all morning with our class
Jeff Warner and come Ted Talk work

Buddy Genius Project

Ted Talk Practice

Have a fantastic weekend!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Week of April 3-7

Happy weekend to all of you! Here's a little about our week.  Can someone please slow down time???

Mark you calendars for our Boston field trip.  We, along with 5L are going on Thursday, May 25th. More details will come after April vacation.

It was great visiting with so many of you last week to talk about your child.  Here's a link to who I'll be seeing this coming week!

  • Volume of regular shapes
  • Volume of irregular shapes
  • Fractions and line plots
  • Math games on Friday with 5L

  • Wrapped up our argument writing unit
  • Used a checklist to highlight and revise our written work
  • Began learning about our Passion Project (TED Talks)
  • Discussed key components of TED Talks
  • Students brainstormed a topic they are passionate about then researched
*PASSION PROJECT (aka a TED Talk):  Students will be researching, writing and presenting their very own TED Talk in our classroom.  Each of them has come up with a topic of their choice that they are passionate about and will be working on writing/memorizing a speech.  You will be invited to come into our classroom and watch our passion projects come alive.  Due to a large class, these talks will take place over the course of two days before April Vacation (April 19th and 20th)

Important Dates:
  • Early Release: April 12th
  • TED Talks: April 19th and 20th
  • Jeff Warner Sing Along: April 20th 2:00
  • Jump Rope for Heart: April 21st
  • Freedom Trail: May 25th
Have a fantastic weekend! Until Monday....


Friday, March 31, 2017

Week of March 27-31

Happy Friday to all 5D Families!

Happy almost April Fool's Day.  We had some pranking all day long in 5D! Make sure to ask your child all about it!  They are pretty funny.....

Tomorrow marks the start to April.  We are almost in our home stretch of the year!  I look forward to seeing many of you this coming week for conferences.  Here's what we did this week...

  • Math
    • Students worked on angles, classifying triangles by their sides and angles as well as supplementary and opposite angles
    • We ended the week with an assessment
  • Literacy
    • The students have done a lot of work in their argument!
    • They built in strong evidence and layered in their own personal flavor
    • We wrote strong leads and added in counterclaims
    • All students have created a strong, clear, passionate, argument
  • Science
    • Each student came up with a hypothesis, materials and procedure for their matter experiment
    • Groups performed their experiments on Tuesday
    • All students individually wrote up their data, notes and conclusion
    • We also discovered the differences between physical and chemical changes
  • Read Aloud
    • Scar Island is enthralling!  Make sure to ask your child about it!
Important Dates Coming Up

Early Release 4/5
Early Release 4/12
April Vacation 4/24-4/28
Smarter Balanced Testing Window 5/8-5/19
Boston Field Trip for 5D 5/25

April Fool's!

Using protractors

Science Experiments

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week of 3/20-3/24

Happy Friday 5D Families!

I cannot believe we are almost to the end of March.  One more week left!  I'm noticing the students becoming more and more independent and mature.  Here are some things the students have been working on!

In math

  • We finished our division of fractions and began geometry this week
  • Students learned about polygons, quadrilaterals and triangles 
  • One center is a review/choice center where students will choose what skills they need to strengthen
In literacy
  • Students researched both sides of a argument of their choice
  • Some students used Padlet to organize notes
  • Some arguments involve using animals in testing, hunting elephants for ivory, having recess in middle school, college being free (I'm partial to this one) :)
  • After they researched, students chose their side and flashdrafted from their notes
Read Aloud
  • We finished The Luck Uglies
  • We just began Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart (author of The Honest Truth)
  • Along with 5L, the students performed a density experiment to see whether certain objects with different densities would sink or float
  • Students began self guided stations around mixtures
  • Students grouped to create an inquiry question of something within matter they can text and brought home a list of things they may need for Monday
Social Hour
  • Together with 5L we talked about belonging and friendships changing this year into the next transition.  Students shared about both of these as well as Mrs. Loh and me.  We shared that change is inevitable but how your react to it can be controlled.
  • We also talked about the digital age and how what you text/message can be construed differently than was intended.  If there are any issues, we encouraged all to ask to speak directly with the other person.  If that doesn't work, ask an adult for help.
  • As a parent, I definitely check in with my children about things that are done on their technology.  It's not an easy job but one that needs to be done.
Canned Food Drive

Please bring in any canned or boxed food to help support our food drive!

Conference Dates and Sign Up: Please see the link below 

Important Dates Coming up
Early Release 4/5
Early Release 4/12
April Vacation 4/24-4/28
Smarter Balanced Testing Window 5/8-5/19
Boston Field Trip for 5D 5/25

Enjoy your weekend!


Density Experiment

Research and Padlet

Friday, March 10, 2017

Week of March 6-10

Happy Friday to all!

We had a busy, productive week back after vacation.  Your children worked hard!  I had a blast at the game last night and wished I could have played with each and every one of my students!

  • Reviewed multiplication of fraction
  • We persevered through tougher word problems
  • Assessed on Thursday and Friday

  • We started our Argument and Advocacy unit
  • Students engaged as active thoughtful citizens to see a claim with reasons and evidence
  • As citizens, we suspended our judgement to see two sides to a societal issue
  • We formed groups to research topics such as extreme sports, climbing Mt. Everest, orcas in captivity, sharks and outer space versus underwater exploration
  • We will debate these issues on Tuesday
  • Began our Matter unit with 5L
  • Bill Nye taught us about the three states of matter
  • Students filtered through centers around matter over two days
  • We created Density Towers, explored vocabulary, illustrated terms, used some tech to teach and reflected as scientists
  • Please ask your child to show you Classcraft at home!  Each student is a character working in a team as part of 5D.  I get to be the Gamemaster who shares a Daily event each day.  Students are rewarded for positive, expected behavior and points are taken away for negative behavior.  Points earned can be redeemed for different powers! We will be doing this throughout the remainder of the year.
Important Dates
  • Early Release 3/16
  • Teacher Workshop Day 3/17
  • Conference forms for April conferences will go home next week
Science Centers

Argument and Advocacy

Have a wonderful weekend! Until Monday....


Friday, February 24, 2017


First of all, happy vacation to all of you!  I hope you enjoy time as a family.  I plan on skiing at Sunday River and Sugarloaf with my kids!

Words cannot express how proud I am of all the students in Shark Tank.  They worked incredibly hard and took lots of critique and feedback this week to make their presentations strong.  And as Sharks, we had as much fun as the kids!  Here are some pictures from the afternoon...

KACC PACC: Allyson, Kate, Clare and Chloe

Destiny Desk: Lauren, Annabeth, Olivia and Brielle

SSB with Thomas and Dyson

The Unlimited with Ella, Channie, Clare, Colleen and Alli

Add It Shoes with Andrew, Connor, Dylan and Austin

ABJLs Alarm Clock with Aiden, Brigham, Logan and Jack

MowerGod with Ryan, Sean, Jack and Gavin

The Smart Desk with Sam, Derek, Cole and Chad

The Sweetcase with Annie, Sophie and Talia

Rack It with Harry, Josh, Mason and Conor